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If you are interesting in purchasing a sale run from us, this is where to do it!

We will begin sales runs once again after our mythic content is nearing completion or is complete because we'll be ahead of many other groups at that point. These runs will entitle kills, achievements, gear for your class as well as your class token from all bosses (i.e. Protector token AND Plate gear, Conquerer token AND cloth gear, Vanquisher token AND leather gear, etc.) and possibly mounts if applicable, all in a time efficient and professional environment.

We are incredibly competitive when it comes to pricing for these events. There are tons of guilds who do this sort of event weekly and we want to be the group you always come back to for more! We've been doing sales ever since Heroic Garrosh in Mists of Pandaria and have been incredibly respectful and responsible when it comes to our buyers. On top of all of that, the people who buy from us leave happy and come back weekly! :)

If you're looking at purchasing a run from us, please post on the forum corresponding to the date of that raid week with your character name as well as your battle tag so we can reserve your spot! Every week is on a first come, first serve basis!

Thank you!

- Continuity Team
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